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Boston is a beautiful walking city.  And the rest of the state has beautiful cities and towns for sightseeing as well!  Unfortunately, with increased pedestrian traffic comes injury.  Last year, almost 100 pedestrians were killed in collisions with motor vehicles.  According to the Boston Public Health Commission, more than three pedestrians are injured in collisions with cars every day.

What You Should do If You Have Been Injured by a Motorist

If possible, get as much identifying information about the driver as possible.  The driver may be different than the vehicle owner, so take a picture of the vehicle registration.  If the police were at the scene, make certain you get the precinct from where they were dispatched.

At first, your injuries may seem minor, but the pain may increase over time.  I recommend you speak with your primary care doctor, go to a hospital emergency room, or find an urgent care center, to get appropriate medical care.

Contacting an Attorney

If you were injured as a pedestrian, I also recommend contacting an attorney as soon as possible.  There are laws governing a pedestrian’s rights and responsibilities, many of which a driver’s insurance company may raise.  The insurance company will likely demand that you give a statement, which I do not recommend until you have spoken with a lawyer.

Even if you may believe that you were at fault, I suggest you call an attorney experienced in handling pedestrian accident cases.  The initial consultation is free and, at a minimum, you will receive valuable advice about your rights.

How I Can Help

If you were a pedestrian struck by an automobile and would like more information, please call me at (617) 564-3299 or contact me online.

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